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Mike Doyle is a partner and president for Ketchum in North America. He’s been part of the global Ketchum network for more than 20 years and counseled clients in a wide range of industries and services, helping global brands enhance their corporate reputation, launch products, merge or acquire new brands and navigate issues and crises. He is the co-chair of Omnicom’s OPEN Pride community, which promotes awareness, acceptance and advocacy for the network’s LGBT community by creating opportunities for leadership, visibility, community involvement, networking and business.

Three Public Relations Lessons from the Oscars

by Mike Doyle| March 2, 2012

It’s been a number of days since Oscar spread his gold dust over the select few in Hollywood, as well as those of us who watched on couches, not in couture. This year, I realized that the Oscars offer those of us in public relations some lessons worth pondering over a few handfuls of popcorn…