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Blog posts published by the “Editor” are written by guest authors, and by employees of one of Ketchum’s affiliate partners around the world. The author’s information is listed at the top each post.

From Barcelona to Hong Kong: Moving toward measurement standards

by Editor| March 25, 2012

‘Ask Doc Rock” is an ongoing series originally published on that features stories from Ketchum’s David Rockland. See the previous edition here. Jessica, a promising new assistant account executive with our firm, requested a meeting due to an “emergency client issue.” She said that she didn’t understand what went wrong. “We had this incredible […]

SXSW: Journalists Explore Storytelling Beyond Words, What Does it Mean for PR Pros?

by Editor| March 13, 2012

When asked by friends and family to describe what it is I do for a living (a topic my colleague Brian Regan covered beautifully recently) I often result to explaining PR as the art of storytelling. We work to both tell the stories of our clients as well as to get others to tell them on our […]