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Adam is the Marketing & Communication Manager for Ketchum. He invented a board game which was acquired by the Parker Brothers & Milton Bradley lines at Hasbro in 2009 and has a new party game coming out in January of 2012 in collaboration with seven-time New York Times bestselling author, Neil Strauss. Feel free to check out his latest party game on his personal website, or connect with him on Twitter – @AdamKornblum.

Business Body Language 101: It's Not About What YOU Say, It's About Where YOU Sit

by Adam Kornblum| February 16, 2011

“It has been well-established by researchers that those who can effectively read and interpret nonverbal communication, and manage how others perceive them, will enjoy greater success in life than individuals who lack this skill.” — Daniel Goleman, Emotional IntelligenceThere’s a lot to be said when it comes to observing the world around you. However, what […]

What Would Walt Disney Do? (WWWDD)

by Adam Kornblum| February 2, 2011

“During Walt Disney’s first New York trip, when he was pushing Mickey and facing rejection, one distributor picked up a package of Life Saver candies. ‘The public knows Life Savers,’ he told Walt, ‘they don’t know you. They don’t know your mouse.’ That made an impression on Walt. As he recalled it years later, he said […]