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Sabine is CEO of Ketchum Germany (Brandzeichen, Emanate and Ketchum Pleon) and on a mission to deliver data-based strategies and creative programs for the entire range of corporate and marketing communications functions. Sabine has 25+ years of professional experience in consulting brands and businesses of all sizes, from Fortune 500 and Dax 30 to midsized and owner-led enterprises as well as start-ups, in analytics, change communications, digital transformation, innovation, integrated communications, issues and crisis communications, media and message training, and strategic communications. She is often described as people-centric, inclusive, passionate, curious, eager for innovation and a lover of complicated stuff.

Coordinating the Many Voices of Employee Advocates and Corporate Influencers

by Sabine Hückmann| December 4, 2019

Remember the good old “One Voice Policy” from the last century, when only authorized individuals were allowed to speak on an organization’s behalf? Thanks to the advent of social media, that single voice has been replaced by a chorus – one message, delivered by many voices. But where do these voices come from, and how […]