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Karen loves winning trophies for clients, believing awards affirm how much strategy and creativity matter. As Ketchum’s chief strategy and creativity officer, as well as co-lead of Ketchum’s 50+ specialty, she is an evangelist for courage and creativity in communication, and she ensures strategic discipline and creative liberation for the firm’s global network of planners. Her devotion to studying human behavior, crowdsourcing creative ideas and working across silos have contributed to Ketchum winning more awards for clients than any other PR firm. Some of her initiatives include the creation of Mindfire, Ketchum’s crowdsourcing site for fueling creative ideas; the Ketchum Creative Community and related Passion Panels to solve client challenges; and the Ketchum Media Optimizer, the first media planning discipline in the public relations business. As a member of the small minority of female agency creative chiefs, Karen is on a mission to inspire and empower more women to take on lead creative roles.

How Can Communicators Shift from Left-Brain Thinking to Right-Brain Thinking?

by Karen Strauss| December 7, 2011

This post originally appeared in Perspectives, Ketchum’s online magazine. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a simple switch we could flip to produce creative ideas? While creatively gifted people are wired to see possibilities and transform information into new ideas or creations, what about the rest of us?  For most people, years of receiving […]