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Partner and Chief Learning Officer at Ketchum. Complexity, uncertainty, ambiguity and velocity are mushrooming in the world. The ability to know oneself and to rapidly make sense of the fire hose of information helps. This equals Learning = World Problem Solution. 🙂

Stop Trying to Learn from the Experts in Social Media – to Learn You Have to Plunge In

by Robert Burnside| November 19, 2010

Ross Dawson, an expert in global social media, presenting at Ketchum’s Global Media Network conference in New York recently, started his presentation with the statement “There is no worked-out wisdom about social media that I have and can give you as the final answer. This is all so new, it is still being worked out – […]

Just Like Individual Human Beings, Countries Are Open Only to Multinationals That Are Listeners, not Broadcasters

by Robert Burnside| November 10, 2010

At the Ketchum Global Media Network conference last week (Twitter #Ketchumgmn), a panel of four public relations experts from the BRIC countries were asked “What is the biggest mistake clients are currently making in your local markets?” To a person, Russia, India, China and Brazil answered “Multinationals need to stop thinking their global message has any meaning in the […]