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Ryan is Senior Manager, Online Communications, for Ketchum. He’s an avid cyclist and blogger, and is proud of his Southern roots. Feel free to check out his personal website, or connect with him on Twitter – @RyanShell.

What a Difference a Photo Can Make

by Ryan Shell| October 20, 2011

By now, it’s highly likely that you’ve experienced the vast changes that have taken place on Facebook.   From the ticker to the Timeline (user profile), the changes were elaborate and have (surprisingly) not been as heavily balked as previous occasions. One additional change, and this one is a biggie, has to do with photos.   […]

Digital Tweets from Ketchum Peeps – Oct 7

by Ryan Shell| October 7, 2011

I have a Twitter list that’s made up of Ketchum employees and was just scrolling back through tweets to prepare for this post. When I made my way to tweets sent Wednesday evening, it became quite chilling. The reason being is because everyone was reacting to the death of Steve Jobs.   While many of […]

Google Plus Minus People Equals Thud

by Ryan Shell| October 5, 2011

Google Plus received a lot of hype after it launched, and the idea that it was a “Facebook killer” was mentioned left and right. Now, months after the service launched, what do we hear? A thud. And a pretty loud one at that. This isn’t caused by it not being a good product; more so, […]