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Wallace Baldo is the manager of Ketchum Digital in Brazil. He has managed hundreds of social and digital media campaigns on behalf of clients like P&G, Kodak, Burger King and Visa. In 2008, he launched Ketchum Digital in Brazil and, before that, served as reporter at InformationWeek Brazil magazine and media relations executive for Oracle, HP, Nokia Siemens Networks and T-Systems. He holds a bachelor degree in Journalism and a postgraduate degree in Marketing and Communications.

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Digital Crisis – How to Make Likes Stronger than Fails?

Digital Crisis – How to Make Likes Stronger than Fails?

by Wallace Baldo| January 26, 2012

Many social media crises could be averted or diminished. Digital communicators and marketers certainly know several tips about how to avoid one of the greatest fears of customers: the infamous “fail” hashtag, which inhibits investment and undermines reputations. But when a crisis happens, how to ensure that the damage is the lowest possible?