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Valeria Perito is CEO and partner director of Ketchum Estratégia. As co-founder of Ketchum Brazil, she has been contributing to the development and solidification of a positive corporate image for many national and international companies in the country. During her career, Valeria has led strategic and comprehensive communications projects, working on strengthening and positioning of major brands and companies. Apart from a solid clients’ portfolio, Valeria has coordinated national and international winning PR awards such as the IPRA Golden Awards, and the Stevie Awards.

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Welcome to the Imagetelling Age

Welcome to the Imagetelling Age

by Valeria Perito| July 12, 2013

Right now, your eyes are scanning for relevant information that may enrich your repertoire. Preferably, in an enjoyable format that contains one or more highly illustrative pictures. Subconsciously, your brain might be saying: “I seek images that convince me to read that article until the end.” Is this the “imagetelling age”?