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Shawn Paul Wood is a managing supervisor for Ketchum’s Digital practice, responsible for integrating strategy for digital capital and social media.

Prior to Ketchum, he represented the full gamut of verticals from Hollywood A-list talent to Fortune 500 companies to dynamic start-ups looking to make a difference in its field. In a former life, Shawn was an award-winning on-air talent, producer, voice-over artist, and news director.

In his spare time, Shawn is a national blogger, published author, and speaker.

Four Things Content Strategists Can Learn from Bob Dylan

by Shawn Paul Wood| October 25, 2016

One of the greatest songwriters in music history was recently awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. Minnesota native Robert Allen Zimmerman, more popularly known as Bob Dylan, truly is a Nobel laureate on the stage. When putting pen to paper, he understands his gift – to tell a story and paint a picture with words. […]

5 Secrets to Public Speaking for PR Professionals

by Shawn Paul Wood| July 27, 2016

Most people in public relations recall where they were, and what DEFCON phase of mental anguish they were in, when called upon for their first new business pitch. You’re exposed in front of the client. You’re vulnerable in front of the team. And you don’t have your Linus security blanket to conceal you from darts, […]

PR 101: 5 Questions PR Students Are Afraid to Ask

by Shawn Paul Wood| June 1, 2016

With the amount of college students trading in their diplomas for the moniker of aspiring PR professional increasing by the day, I am starting to have flashbacks to my college years. The writing tests; the professors who immediately taught you that ‘Buzzword Bingo’ would be expected in the random conference room; the coiled binders teeming […]

New Year, New Skill: SEO for the PR Traditionalist

by Shawn Paul Wood| December 9, 2015

PR traditionalists are critical to the betterment of this industry. Traditional PR generalists are profoundly skilled at learning the client’s needs, understanding the newsworthy aspects of those needs, and creating a story to present to the media and public. On the flip side of that same coin, digital strategists in PR are crucial to innovation […]

5 Public Speaking Missteps You Need to Avoid

by Shawn Paul Wood| August 28, 2015

What’s one fear coursing through the veins of most people, even PR wunderkinds? Public speaking. You would think, at least in the PR industry, those fears are left at the door — but there it is. How can some PR pros excel at their jobs without conquering public speaking? Well, they can be great relationship […]

And the Least Used Resource in PR is …

by Shawn Paul Wood| April 21, 2015

There I am, having lunch with a few broadcast journalist friends of mine – discussing sweeps, salty news directors, and sundry water cooler talk – when a subject came up over passing the rolls that sparked a debate. “I don’t think I’m that popular any more. Maybe I need a new beat.” This was said […]