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As SVP/Director, Diversity & Inclusion, HR-Washington, D.C., Atlanta & Dallas, Sharon is an accomplished human resources professional who excels at building partnerships with organizational leaders in order to develop programs that align with, and help achieve, business goals. She provides strategic planning/counsel and tactical execution in all HR disciplines — most notably talent management, organizational development/training, employee relations, and recruitment.

ColorComm 2017: Earning Our Seat at the Table

by Sharon Jones| August 3, 2017

Feeling a sense of belonging at this years’ Annual ColorComm Conference – Surprise Yourself, allowed us a peek at what a matriarchal society could look and feel like! If you’re not familiar, this conference attracted over 400 women of color (and a few good men) in communications at the mid- and senior-levels. This unique community […]

Inclusiveness & Democracy: A Real Test of Sportsmanship

by Sharon Jones| November 17, 2016

Sportsmanship can be defined as playing fair, treating opponents with respect, following the rules and respecting the judgment of referees. We’ve all seen good sportsmanship, whether on the basketball court as players greet each other at the beginning and congratulate the winner at the end, or a football player extending a hand to help an […]

Combating Our Fear of the Unknown

by Sharon Jones| July 14, 2016

The other day I was out grocery shopping and a small but significant encounter gave me pause to reflect. As I approached the doors to my local supermarket, I noticed three young black men talking to each other while standing on either side of the entrance. I also noticed walking just ahead of me a […]

Successfully Straddling Two Worlds Thanks to Career “Godmothers” & “Godfathers”

by Sharon Jones| September 2, 2015

As Seen In…Culpwrit It’s been a month since I returned from 2015 ColorComm Conference (C2), the annual event that focuses on women of color in the field of communications. C2, brain-child of founder Lauren Wesley Wilson created as a way of taking networking to a deeper level, and began as a small, invite-only luncheon in […]

Diversity & Inclusion: Looking Ahead to ColorComm

by Sharon Jones| July 29, 2015

I’m excited to attend the 2015 ColorComm Conference (C2) – The New Reality, this week in Key Biscayne, FL. The conference, which draws more than 300 multicultural professional women and men, is held annually and features innovative programs and topics presented by the Communication industry’s top practitioners and thought-leaders. I was fortunate to attend ColorComm […]

Confidence, Courage and Connections

by Sharon Jones| September 10, 2014

I recently had the privilege of representing Ketchum at the inaugural ColorComm (C2) conference in Orlando, Florida. The brain-child of Lauren Wesley Wilson, Founder and Chief Networking Officer, ColorComm, was created to be an intimate business conference where women of color in communications can share experiences, challenges and insights. Over 200 multicultural professional women (and […]