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Scott Guthrie is a Digital Director/Influencer Relations within Ketchum’s London office. He is responsible for influencer relations in the U.K. and is a member of Ketchum’s global influencer task force. Scott is a chapter contributor to My PRstack: A practical guide to modern PR tools and workflow and #FuturePRoof. Connect with him on Twitter: @sabguthrie

How to Identify the Right Influencers: The 4S Filter

by Scott Guthrie| April 29, 2016

75% of communications professionals say identifying relevant influencers is their biggest influencer marketing challenge. For good reason: Identifying the most appropriate influencers at scale is a blend of PR skill, collective experience and technological acumen. To help enhance your influencer marketing efforts, I have created a “4S filter” to make the process of finding and […]

The 7 Rs of Influencer Relations

by Scott Guthrie| March 16, 2016

Four years ago this month Brian Solis coined the term “Pillars of Influence” describing it as reach, relevance and resonance. Today, it’s time to add four more pillars. Communicators love grouping themes around words. We love alliteration, too. There are the four Ps, which was expanded into the seven Ps to embrace the nature of […]