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Sarah Trull is a Digital Assistant in Ketchum Digital of New York. Coming from years in the creative industry, she is an avid enthusiast of anything culture, travel, and everything social. You can follow her on Twitter @strull302.

SXSW In Review

by Sarah Trull| March 14, 2013

Like other fellow Ketchum colleagues, this was my first time attending SXSW. Knowing the history of this conference, I came with the expectation and hope to find out what the next big “it” thing would be. Instead, there has been a focus on why certain ideas have flourished. Read on for some key points of […]

What the Font is the Big Deal at SXSW?

by Sarah Trull| March 12, 2013

Many do not view typography as an element of concern when creating presentations or pitch materials because, after all, isn’t content the star? However in a SXSW session I attended, typography evangelist and UX designer, Richard Rutter, proved just how much of an impact typography can have on a user’s experience. He  insisted that good […]