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Samantha Stark is an award-winning senior public relations professional in Ketchum’s Technology team based on Washington, D.C. With over 20 years of experience at top marketing and public relations agencies, she specializes in the planning and execution of integrated communications programs focused on building and protecting reputations. You can follow her on Twitter @sammystark.

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Communications During Socioeconomic Change

by Samantha Stark| February 26, 2019

“The Metaspace Economy” is the next fundamental global economic transformation. Breaking through with communications during times of major cultural and economic changes requires a new way of thinking. During these times, experience can be a detriment because it leads to incorrect assumptions around what strategies and tactics will be successful.

Travel & Technology: Great Expectations for 2017

Travel & Technology: Great Expectations for 2017

by Samantha Stark| December 9, 2016

Just like nearly everything else in our lives, technology is bending, shaping and redefining the travel industry. Technology-assisted travel is defeating the commoditization of travel that made it un-sexy in the 1990s, and ringing in a new area of personalization driving an industry renaissance.

Blurred Lines: 4 Insights on the Evolution of PR & Advertising

Blurred Lines: 4 Insights on the Evolution of PR & Advertising

by Samantha Stark| November 6, 2014

My first “real” job was at an advertising agency. It was a crash course in big personalities and the value of insight-driven campaign planning. We were small enough of a shop that I got to regularly work closely with the creative teams on campaign development. My degree also happens to be in advertising and promotion, […]