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Riis is an Account Executive on the New York Ketchum Influencer Team. She is passionate about influencer marketing and funnels this passion into influencer strategy, campaign management, social media strategy and content creation. Her innate love of pop culture and digital landscape helps her lead effective and meaningful programs for her clients across the CPG, food and beverage, retail services and technology spaces.

How Being a Summer Fellow Kick-started My Communications Career

by Riis Massey-Williams| January 14, 2020

It’s that time of year: Internship Season. From obsessing over likes on your Instagram to patrolling LinkedIn for new Internship postings, congrats—you’re officially becoming an adult! You’ve written your thesis paper, done your SWOT analyses and had your advisors review your resume. Now it’s time to decide: What company is the right fit for you?  I found myself in a similar situation my senior year. Luckily, whilst […]