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Paul Middleton is a Corporate Communications Manager and splits his time between Ketchum’s Corporate Communications team and London visibility. Paul’s job means that he is often involved in Ketchum London’s work around media, events, awards, sponsorship, campaigns and social media. Paul brings a decade of PR experience and has worked on diverse initiatives including billion pound infrastructure projects, the Notting Hill Carnival and promoting London’s West End. Outside of work, Paul is a wannabe motorcycle racer, a devoted father and a slow but tenacious runner. He tweets using the handle @pjsmiddleton

Social Media Week London: Flashdance for Brands

by Paul Middleton| September 25, 2014

For the Ketchum London team, day three of Social Media Week London centered around a #SMWLDN event at our Shoreditch office. The event, “Flashdance For Brands,” was a platform to discuss the reality of always-on communications and what it takes for brands to succeed in an always-connected social world. Our own Andrew Jennings chaired a […]

Social Media Week London: The Social Pipeline

by Paul Middleton| September 25, 2014

For the Ketchum London team, which I am a member of, day two of Social Media Week London kicked off at the #SMWLDN headquarters in Holborn. Here are my top six takeaways from the day…

Is Wearable Technology a Nightmare for the PR Industry?

by Paul Middleton| July 30, 2014

The calculator watch, introduced in the 1980s, was perhaps the original piece of everyday wearable technology. I loved my little Casio, it seemed like something from the future. Now once again the wearable technology category is set to grow from its $5 billion dollar baseline. Soon these wearable devices will be linking with ecosystems of Internet-enabled technologies […]

10 Reasons Why You Should Take Notes From Buzzfeed

by Paul Middleton| March 13, 2014

Buzzfeed has risen to global fame with its dangerously addictive formula of funny gifs, breaking news, interactive quizzes and legendary lists. Not only are they a social influencer in the U.S., their UK site alone now sees 16 million monthly users, which accounts for almost 10% of BuzzFeed’s global traffic. (click to tweet) Some of […]

How to Keep Your Job

by Paul Middleton| December 16, 2013

If you could write well, cope with hard work and conceal your occasionally questionable social skills, you used to be able to get a job in public relations (PR). OK, so there was this weird thing where PR practitioners used to joke about having zero numeracy skills. Some colleagues (usually ex-journalists) regarded computer illiteracy as […]

Practicing What We Preach

by Paul Middleton| December 6, 2013

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) volunteer month is about getting involved in our communities and building relationships with local groups that need help. Globally, in 2013 there has been a mammoth amount of corporate social responsibility activity that all Ketchum colleagues can all be proud of. This video below tells the story of the brainstorming, cake […]