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Paige Graham, Vice President, Food Agriculture & Ingredient

Paige’s passion lies at the intersection of all things food production and environmental sustainability. She has over eight years of experience translating supply chain and environmental sustainability issues for consumers and media. In the CPG and retail world, she helps clients establish food and environmental policies, from antibiotics and animal welfare to waste and emission reduction. Her corporate communications experience has focused on placing client narratives in existing influential venues and events, as well as creating bespoke moments for influencers, consumers, media and the NGO community to experience a client’s story.

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Regenerative agriculture

Regenerative agriculture isn’t technically sustainable.

by Paige Graham| April 4, 2019

It’s not intended to be. And that’s a good thing. With regenerative agriculture, the goal is not to sustain resources. The goal is to do much more – regenerate land by improving soil health, specifically through practices that restore carbon. Healthy soil equals healthy plants, reduced water run-off, restored biodiversity, and increased yields. That’s just […]

Global Scholar Program: Farming Out to San Francisco

Global Scholar Program: Farming Out to San Francisco

by Paige Graham| September 23, 2013

I’ve always appreciated, and continue to be impressed by, the vast Ketchum network.  It’s an amazing benefit to have access to colleagues across the country and globe, all of whom have precise areas of specialty and amazing experiences to learn from and weave into your client work.  The only thing better than having access to […]