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Paddy Blewer is a Practice Director in the Corporate & Public Affairs Practice at Ketchum in London. He specialises in strategic and financial communications and reputation management and has worked with clients in most sectors including energy, natural resources and financial services. He is a big fan of cricket, South London, boxing, food & drink in good company. Follow him on @padsky

Insights from CERAWeek: A Post-COP21 Landscape

by Paddy Blewer| February 26, 2016

Almost every conversation at this week’s CERAWeek was based on the view that a new chapter has begun for the international energy industry. COP21 and a $30 a barrel oil price has had a profound effect on the energy industry. As communicators, we have to be aware of this new dynamic and re-examine our messaging […]

A Return to UK Political Risk

by Paddy Blewer| October 8, 2014

The phrase “political risk” conjures up pictures of sand, Kalashnikovs and commodities exploitation. However, the sort of questions that business men and women routinely consider regarding emerging markets investment are rapidly becoming the sort of question that they will have to consider for the UK – and that as communicators, we should consider adapting the […]

Will Twitter Make Me Redundant?

by Paddy Blewer| April 16, 2013

There’s been a fair amount of media comment following the recent regulatory announcements that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will permit companies whose shares trade on the NYSE that they can use social media platforms to report their quarterly financial earnings. This could mean that the carefully worded earnings announcements, full of nuance […]

60 Seconds with Ketchum: Emerging Markets Communications

by Paddy Blewer| December 6, 2012

No matter where organizations are registered or operate today, they all come across similar communications challenges that are actually business or political at heart. This begs a question: “Shouldn’t the emerging markets just be treated as any other regular marketplace?” Watch a view from our director of strategic communications, Paddy Blewer.