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Michelle is a SVP and Director at Ketchum Change’s New York office. As such, she works with some of the world’s leading organizations to connect people to their businesses through breakthrough employee and brand engagement, communication, and change strategies that are data-driven and truly have an impact on the achievement of business goals.

In her free time she loves to practice yoga, play the ukulele and attempt to grow edible things in her garden.

Culture: The Hidden Factor in Successful M&As

by Michelle Mahony and Marc Drechsler| June 7, 2017

Corporations continue to merge, divide, spin and acquire at record pace: 2016 saw more M&A deals globally than at any previous time since the 1980’s, just eclipsing the pre-financial crisis record high in 2007. There have been recent headline-grabbing failures, but deals that don’t make it to the altar are exceptions. Most transactions are approved […]

Talking Workplace by Facebook with Michelle Mahony

by Michelle Mahony| December 6, 2016

Michelle Mahony, SVP, Director at Ketchum Change, was recently a guest on ICology—a podcast about interesting people, doing interesting things in the world of internal communications—to discuss Workplace, Facebook’s new internal social networking tool for corporations. In her conversation with Chuck Gose, she talks candidly about the benefits of Workplace, why it is more than […]

Liquid Change: How Organizations Can Overcome Change Fatigue

by Michelle Mahony| September 14, 2015

In a not so distant past, change professionals would learn from business leaders that change was cyclical within their organizations (one or two per year), and each cycle had a beginning, middle, and end. In response, we would craft a multi-step, linear plan to help guide clients navigate that transformation – inevitably celebrating its conclusion […]

What Social Business Has to Do With the Art of Listening Well

by Michelle Mahony| August 16, 2012

My mother used to tell me that we have two ears and one mouth for a reason, and over the years I’ve tried (sometimes unsuccessfully) to take this sage advice to heart. When it comes to social business, organizations who are taking this counsel seriously are finding that actively listening to customers, employees and other […]