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As Creative and Insights Catalyst, Marc provides creative and strategic counsel to account teams and specialists to evolve program concepts from idea to execution.

The Only Thing We Have To Fear is a Big Spider

by Marc Levy| February 4, 2013

As a creative director, I truly believe this: if you’re a client (current or prospective) and my ideas are not a wee bit outside of your comfort zone, I’m probably not doing my job. (By the way, this is different than me making most of the people around me, young and old, uncomfortable, but that’s […]

“Community” Died For Our Creative Sins

by Marc Levy| April 23, 2012

The NBC sitcom “Community” returned to the air after a brief mid-season hiatus. Let’s be clear – a mid-season break is rarely a good sign. It’s usually a device employed by the networks to avoid airing low-performing shows during the critical (and outdated) sweeps periods (which help determine advertising rates). Many shows put on “indefinite” […]

Can Creativity Be Taught?

by Marc Levy| November 17, 2011

Nope. (They told me in Journalism 101 to get to the point quickly.) I admit it’s a bit harsh and unfair, so lemme back up a bit. Part of my role at Ketchum is to foster creativity, at all levels, throughout our organization. That’s my mandate, with the help of others — BUT that’s not […]

Creativity, Insights and the Fallacy of Information

by Marc Levy| August 25, 2011

In the Aug. 13 New York Times “Sunday Review,” Neal Gabler authored a provocative opinion piece, “The Elusive Big Idea” (which could easily have been titled, “Welcome to Marc’s Personal Hell”). In his essay, he argues, with simplicity, that “ideas just aren’t what they used to be,” stating that “we just don’t care as much […]

I Heart Negativity

by Marc Levy| June 7, 2011

Now, don’t get all uppity on me. I hate negativity in a brainstorm as much as the next guy. No, I’m talking about ideas steeped in the “negative.” Let me explain. . . A few years ago, Odor Eaters did a contest to find the smelliest sneaker in America. Pure genius. Put that one in the pile of “things […]