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Macaela joined Ketchum’s Global Innovation Team as a Creative Assistant after graduating from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. She is a lover of words, storytelling and the creative spark.

Planning Season: New Year, New Creative

by Macaela Mackenzie| September 4, 2014

Happy New Year! Yes, I know we’re a few months from the big ball drop but bear with me a moment. The year is full of fresh starts, new chances to establish new habits, and opportunities to accept the challenge to shake things up. This is one of them. As the agency and corporate world […]

Why This Year’s Best Ideas Won’t Be Lionized

by Macaela Mackenzie| June 14, 2014

Unsold. Unchampioned. Unloved. Unmeasured. Some of the industry’s most creative ideas will never see the light of day let alone Cannes. The journey from idea birth to big stage requires tenacity, inspiration and a bit of luck. As a member of Ketchum’s Strategy and Creativity Team, a group of internal creative consultants and strategists, I […]

Carrying Ketchum’s Creative Torch

by Macaela Mackenzie| May 20, 2014

We didn’t bring home the grand prix, but we came pretty close. I was one of several under-25-year-old Ketchum employees that entered the Young Torch Awards, a pitch contest for young creative talent. Last month we learned we were selected as one of five finalists from hundreds of applicants around the world. Along with my […]

The Journalist and the Creative: An Unlikely Marriage

by Macaela Mackenzie| August 5, 2013

As a (very) recent college grad I was happy to land such a good gig at Ketchum, especially in such a tough economy for job seekers with little to no experience. But as a trained journalist, I was a little hesitant about crossing over to the “Dark Side,” a.k.a. the world of Public Relations.