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Lucas Mohr is a Social Media Strategist leading the Digital Department of Ketchums Berlin Office. He enjoys good food, music and company and can be found on Twitter: @Lucas_Mohr.

Social Media Content vs. Trending Topics: Three Tips to Creating Meaningful Posts

by Lucas Mohr| October 29, 2015

“Why in the world did they publish this piece of content on social media at this time?” I often ask myself this question while browsing through the social web. More often than I care to see, brands are posting content and running ad campaigns on social media that are just inappropriate during a particular moment […]

Global Scholar: Oh Kaepernick, My Kaepernick

by Lucas Mohr| May 13, 2015

The Power of a post. Have you ever gone to bed just after sending out a Tweet or Instagram post that garnered some attention? Perhaps. But have you ever woken up to find more alerts on your screen than you can count? If your answer is yes, than you know the rush and curiosity that […]

Networking Made Easy at SXSW

by Lucas Mohr| March 9, 2013

Like Ryan, this is my first time being at the SXSW here in Austin and so I did not really know what to expect. Having been to other conferences, I anticipated a lot of interesting sessions and talks as well as some networking here and there. But after two days of being in Austin, I […]