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With a passion for bringing innovative and disruptive ideas and technologies to market, Lisa heads up Ketchum’s Technology Practice. Based in San Francisco, she’s on a permanent quest for the latest technology innovations, the hottest new restaurants, and the perfect glass of cabernet.

7 Tips for Standing Out at CES 2018

by Lisa Sullivan| November 7, 2017

Most of us think of this time of year as the season for planning Thanksgiving menus and bemoaning the ever earlier arrival of Holiday music in retail stores and shopping malls around the country. But for anyone working in technology, their eyes are already on the second week of January: we’re deep into planning season […]

Time to Shift Gears on the Driverless Car?

by Lisa Sullivan| April 10, 2017

As communicators, our job is to understand where our audience is starting its journey. Our communications plan acts as a strategic roadmap, clearly lighting the path from point A to point B. That was the genesis of Ketchum’s Next-Gen Guide to the Connected Ride, a study of close to 1,000 16- to 24-year olds’ views […]

Was 2017 the Year That CES Stopped Selling Technology?

by Lisa Sullivan| January 18, 2017

As the dust settles on the 50th Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this month, the post-show reviews and recaps have been pouring in. Did automotive brands steal the show – again – this year? Did the CEA strategy of attracting traditionally non-technology brands to join the throng pay off in widening its appeal? […]

Changing Roles, Changing Perspectives

by Lisa Sullivan| August 31, 2016

As if getting married and starting a new life wasn’t enough—I recently decided to accept a new job. It has taken a while for me not to trip up on either my new married name or new employer when introducing myself or answering the phone. But more importantly, like any change, it has been a […]