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Kim is a partner and managing director of Ketchum’s Food Agriculture & Ingredient industry group. She loves all things food – from the farms it is grown or raised on to her favorite spot, her kitchen. She has helped food producers and food makers tell their stories for a better part of her 25-year career. She really should have been a scientist, and is grateful to food for filling her scientific curiosity – biology, sociology, political science, food technology, behavioral science, economics, oh my!

Food for 2030: Creating the Change We Want in the Decade Ahead

by Kim Essex| January 21, 2020

Most New Year predictions cover the 12 months ahead, but not Nick Fereday’s end–of–year “Talking Points.” Nick is a Senior Analyst at Rabobank, and he’s pretty funny. His New Year’s predictions stretch all the way to 2030.  Rabobank hosts and he attends many food and agriculture meetings around the globe, so I value his perspective. Here are a couple of ideas that struck me:  1. People migrate […]

Talk Food Tech to Me

by Kim Essex| November 1, 2019

It’s coming. Meat alternatives, now all the rage, and dairy alternatives before them will look like a drop in the bucket compared to the wave of food technologies about to confront consumers. We can say food technology has always been a part of the larger food ecosystem. Very true. But we can’t use this fact […]

For B2B Marketers, Reach Alone Isn’t Enough in Today’s Complex Marketing Ecosystem

by Kim Essex| November 2, 2018

The question of budget efficacy – call it “bang-for-buck,” ROI, business impact – is at the center of every discussion we have as marketers. With budget scrutiny intensifying, it is easy to retreat to the comfort of paid, be it advertising, event sponsorships, or digital partnerships for the reported reach they deliver. There’s no question […]

Becoming Borderless & Remote: Changing the way we work together

by Ilana Shenitzer and Kim Essex| September 12, 2018

Whether working across time zones or across the hall, workplace flexibility and remote working opportunities are becoming more and more commonplace within both large and small companies across the globe. In fact, close to 50 percent of U.S. professionals surveyed report that they, at least partially, now work remotely.

What Was Trending in FMCG at Natural Products Expo West 2018

by Kim Essex| March 16, 2018

Our feet are screaming after covering more than one million square feet and 3,500+ exhibitors of natural food and lifestyle products at the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, Calif., March 7 – 11. But we lived to tell a few stories. Here’s what our Wellness and Cultivate teams collected along the way.

Serving up Food, Visually

by Kim Essex| January 11, 2017

Smart food marketers have always known we eat with our eyes first. And nothing sabotages food marketing more than bad photography or low-quality video. Food shot poorly can flat-out ruin your appetite. I’ve always been particularly proud of the visual work Ketchum does in food. The food we have photographed and filmed in our Food […]