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Kevin is a managing account supervisor on Ketchum’s Health Innovation & Wellness team. As a creative strategist and the day-to-day lead for wellness, health and consumer brands, Kevin leads the development and execution of campaigns that make the consumer journey a personal and positive one. With a career built at boutique PR agencies, Kevin approaches earned media outreach beginning with consumer insight and working backwards—tapping into timely trends that engage consumers and then tailoring assets to fit those needs.

The Flip to Digital Fitness Won’t Reverse Itself Anytime Soon

by Kevin Derkash| December 3, 2020

There’s no denying that 2020 had a phenomenal impact on the fitness industry. The rapid shutdown of gyms, fitness studios, group classes and other heart-pumping IRL boutique fitness offerings forced consumers to find alternative channels to maintain their health and wellness goals. The result: From banner fitness brands all the way down to small-town gym […]