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Katherine is a Senior Issues & Crisis Specialist with Ketchum South.

8 Steps to Increase Your Organization’s Crisis Resiliency

by Katherine Mackey| December 13, 2017

Crisis preparedness is important. But is it essential? Your organization may not think so and it’s easy to understand why. Preparing for an event that may occur is easy to put aside when teams are busy with what’s relevant now. Unfortunately, the experience of managing an actual crisis prompts organizations to finally begin preparing for […]

As Universities Evolve, So Must University Communications

by Katherine Mackey| July 26, 2017

Universities have always been a breeding ground for activism on society’s inequalities. But today, as the national opprobrium intensifies, higher education campuses are seeing this play out more intensely. As a result, university leaders and chief communicators must continually look at existing communications strategies, and how new higher education dynamics may impact those strategies for the […]