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Kate is a Practice Director at Ketchum’s London office.

For Food’s Sake, Stop Eating Up Nature

by Kate Hopper| June 30, 2014

#FfsStopeatingnature Food security is under threat, food habits must change and the industry has a vital role to play in preventing us in the West from “eating up nature.” At least that’s the received wisdom. But even if we agree that the rich West is disproportionately consuming the world’s resources, there’s little consensus on how […]

Willpower, Weight and the Wallet

by Kate Hopper| April 17, 2014

Does dieting work? Studies suggest that a few programmes, such as Weight Watchers, do, as long as you are committed to them. There’s also some research supporting intermittent fasting, but obesity numbers are still on the rise, as are the numbers of faddy solutions to the problem. If the food and drink industry continues to […]

HOT TOPIC – How Natural is Natural

by Kate Hopper| September 24, 2013

With a major food ingredients conference coming up in November and lawsuits in the U.S. accusing companies of making empty promises, Ketchum Bites asked journalist Nicola Carslaw to explore the question: how natural is natural? Most agree that a lab-grown burger is not what we commonly understand to be “natural.” We‘re awe-struck by the science, […]

Hot Topic: Portion Size Matters

by Kate Hopper| June 11, 2013

In spite of reformulating products, cutting down on salt and introducing clearer labels, the food and drinks industry is still being blamed for Britain’s obesity. The food industry is warned: ‘If you don’t act, the EU will’ There’s a public health plea for no more ‘token gestures’ And Ketchum Bites asks, is regulation the way […]