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Julie Ferriot serves as the global director of Ketchum Social Responsibility (KSR), overseeing the agency’s corporate social responsibility initiatives, including the management of Ketchum’s pro bono partner Room to Read. In this role, she drives global engagement in volunteer and sustainability programs across Ketchum offices and affiliates. Since joining the agency in 2005 Julie has also served as Vice President in the Corporate practice. Julie is based in San Francisco.

The DNA of a Successful Corporate Giving Program

by Julie Ferriot| February 23, 2015

International Corporate Philanthropy Day, a day designed to build awareness of corporate-community partnerships and inspire businesses to engage in philanthropy, is the perfect time to celebrate the CSR work done by companies and communities that contribute to positive world change. From supporting literacy programs in Africa and Asia to local community volunteer programs around the […]

What Makes a Great Leader in PR? (Video)

by Julie Ferriot| December 5, 2014

As global director for Ketchum’s social responsibility program, or as we call it, KSR, I recently had the opportunity to lecture at the University of Alabama on the topic, “Using Communications for Positive World Change.” With studies revealing that 72% of students feel having “a job that can make an impact” is essential to their […]

I Challenge You – DO NOT READ THIS

by Julie Ferriot| September 5, 2014

In the literal sense, that was impossible, right? For 774 million others around the world this particular challenge is all too easy. They simply cannot read. Working at a public relations firm, we understand the critical role literacy plays in conducting business, but this is about more than day-to-day work correspondence. It’s about books, maps […]

Celebrating Our Milestone in Service to Others – An Update

by Julie Ferriot| February 11, 2014

Last May Ketchum celebrated its 90th anniversary. We aimed to mark this milestone not by focusing on the past, but rather, by working together to create the future, one where 90 girls would attend and graduate from secondary school and 90 pro bono brainstorms conducted by our employees would benefit organizations around the world with […]

International Day of the Girl–Ketchum’s Support for Room to Read

by Julie Ferriot| October 10, 2013

On Friday, October 11, the global community will celebrate International Day of the Girl, an observance day established by the United Nations last year. The goal of the observance is to increase awareness of inequality faced by girls worldwide based on their gender and to help generate more opportunity for girls. Although educating girls is […]

Employees Embrace Supporting 90 Nonprofit Organizations in Honor of Ketchum’s 90th Anniversary

by Julie Ferriot| May 24, 2013

This week Ketchum celebrates its 90th anniversary as a communications firm. Anniversary celebrations often include a time of retrospection on the great achievements and milestones. As one of the longest-tenured agencies in the business, there have certainly been opportunities for us to reflect, but as we do, we also plan to honor and support the […]