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Jonathan is a Partner and the Global Director of Ketchum Digital. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and daughters, and is into the social web, progressive politics, cycling, scuba diving and travel. Connect with him on Twitter — @jonathankopp — or just about any other social network.

Social Media Risks & Rewards

by Jonathan Kopp| August 10, 2012

Altimeter Group has released a new report stressing the importance of social media risk management. I was interviewed for this paper, along with representatives from leading brands (including some Ketchum clients), like Dell, DuPont and IBM, as well as agencies, like KPMG and PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and vendors, like Salesforce Radian6 and Crimson Hexagon. It’s my pleasure […]

Digital Challenges Explored at Ketchum Pleon Germany’s “Inspiration Day” Conference

by Jonathan Kopp| July 3, 2012

On June 28th, I had the pleasure of joining colleagues, clients and friends in Berlin for Ketchum Pleon Germany’s “Inspiration Day” (#idberlin2012) a conference to explore how technology and the social mobile web are changing the way people and brands communicate. The event fittingly took place at the EUREF campus, a hip, post-industrial complex in […]

Ketchum, Access & Zocalo Combine Forces for SXSW

by Jonathan Kopp| March 9, 2012

Among the 32,000 digerati who will head to Austin, Texas for this year’s SXSW Interactive festival, Ketchum, Access and Zocalo will be represented by about 25 colleagues from a diverse array of offices, including New York, Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco, the UK and Germany. We will be coordinating our activities, sharing photos and videos, live […]

What Does ‘Respect the Internet’ Mean to You?

by Jonathan Kopp| November 23, 2011

Once panelists from this year’s “Respect the Internet” exited the stage, we took them to the green room with the goal of getting them to answer one question: “What does it mean to respect the Internet?” A few highlights from their responses are below, but you’ll want to watch the short video to hear from […]

Now Companies Can Get on the Same Page with Google+

by Jonathan Kopp| November 10, 2011

Roughly 100 days ago, Google launched a new social network, Google+, and, after gaining 40 million registered users in an amazingly brief time, they have now taken it to the next level by launching Google+ Pages. These are roughly the equivalent of Facebook pages, and they’re open to anything nonhuman — brands, companies, organizations, publications, […]

Attend Respect the Internet on Oct. 6

by Jonathan Kopp| September 30, 2011

Is heavy-handed, one-way, brandcentric marketing clogging up the arteries of the Internet, barging in on our personal space, and ruining the social Web? Do we really want to be friends with brands? Do we want to be viewed not as people but as “consumers?” Are we reduced to demographics and psychographics, or has the Internet […]