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Jennifer Colpitts Ayers is a vice president, group manager and client director in Ketchum’s Washington, D.C. Public & Corporate Affairs practice and the Ketchum Purpose leadership team. She specializes in the interplay of business, consumers, policy and corporate reputation. As an award winning corporate affairs integration specialist, she has developed and executed many global, national, local and multi-market programs designed to reach, thoughtfully engage and persuade consumers, media and Washington, D.C. influencers alike.

From Responsibility to Advocacy: Finding the Right CSR Balance for Your Company

by Jennifer Colpitts Ayers| April 24, 2018

In the past eighteen months we’ve seen more and more companies taking stands on social issues: be it proactively making statements on hot-button issues around gender, gun control and equality; responding to consumer pressure to take products off the shelves; or using its advertising might to advocate for social change. Companies are quickly being forced […]

International Women’s Day 2017: How to Communicate when Purpose and Politics Collide

by Jennifer Colpitts Ayers| March 7, 2017

International Women’s Day is a time when we collectively celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women around the world. It also can be a moment in time for companies to highlight women and their achievements and roles in industry. This year, March 8 will not only be celebrated by the United Nations […]