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A veteran of Ketchum, Jackie has held multiple roles within the agency. She currently oversees marketing and strategic planning for the agency’s global food and brand practices. Amidst a life of chaos juggling a family, house, career and the increasingly rare trip to the gym, Jackie finds her inner Zen at the beach and may even have salt water coursing through her veins. You can find her on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter – @jackburt10.

Forget Tin to Celebrate Ten Years, the M2W Conference Struck Gold on its Tenth Anniversary

by Jackie Burton| May 15, 2014

A decade after its debut, I was thrilled to attend my very first M2W: the Marketing to Women Conference. Working in public relations I’m fortunate to regularly see very smart and poised women captivate a room and build a relationship with an audience of strangers. It’s an impressive sight to behold. But at M2W, there […]

The City of Creativity

by Jackie Burton| October 17, 2013

As I settled into my hotel in San Francisco last night, I noticed the magazine on my coffee table dubbing San Francisco the City of Creativity. I have to admit that the New Yorker in me did a slight guffaw. Sure, San Francisco has a lot going for it. It’s arguably one of the most […]

Creative Community Contributes to the Greater Good

by Jackie Burton| June 21, 2013

I have to admit that, as a first-timer to Cannes – the city and the festival – I found myself a bit overwhelmed at various points. The scenery, the people, the imagery, the work being featured, and the events – they all scream for your attention. So I welcome a subtle shift in tone as […]

The Consumer as Editor

by Jackie Burton| November 17, 2011

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending PRWeek’s Next Conference. There was a lot of interesting content delivered by engaging speakers. One of the themes that emerged was how the consumer has become the editor, in charge of determining what content they want to consume. I guess that’s pretty obvious these days – people […]

A Tribute to Arlyne Soodik

by Jackie Burton| October 19, 2011

Today at Ketchum, we’re honoring a legend, a friend and a mom to us all. Arlyne Soodik, the New York office’s retired longtime receptionist, has passed away. For nearly 20 years, she was a fixture at Ketchum, and even now, nearly four years after she left the agency, her impact on the people who worked […]