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Fashion, Creativity And The Hollywood Influence

by Gustavo Averbuj| April 29, 2013

A notion is a piece of information stored away in your brain’s memory. It could be a bit of information you learned at school, an idea you read in a book or your reaction to something you have seen, smelled or tasted. Notions need not be factual or even true. If you believe in Santa […]

What Made the Winning PR Campaigns Shine at Cannes?

by Gustavo Averbuj| June 19, 2012

From 1,130 entries to 730 preliminary judging cases to 134 shortlisted cases, the PR Lions results are in. The jury, which I was honored to be a part of, awarded 21 Gold, 22 Silver and 26 Bronze Lions, in addition to an extensive shortlist. (Ketchum Pleon Italy’s campaign for Nestlè Waters, San Pellegrino – “The […]

5 Trends I’m Seeing as a Cannes Lions Judge

by Gustavo Averbuj| June 13, 2012

This post is part of Ketchum’s Cannes*ectivity – insights shared from the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Click here to read additional posts. As part of a truly global group of seasoned PR professionals (including representatives from Japan, Brazil, England and Dubai, among others), I’ve spent the past few days reviewing 250 PR case […]

The Fearful CEO (or the Branson Effect)

by Gustavo Averbuj| January 14, 2011

Even though study after study shows the positive effect a likable CEO can have in the success of a company and how he or she can put a face on a company’s values and attitudes as no other person can, PR pros increasingly face a challenge of getting some of their client CEOs in the media spotlight. […]

Those Chilean Miners. . .

by Gustavo Averbuj| December 15, 2010

Several weeks have passed now since the dramatic rescue of the 33 Chilean miners, and many of us continue to ponder the spectacle we just witnessed. One of the miners became a huge celebrity in the U.S. (appearing on Letterman and at the New York Stock Exchange and the New York Marathon), and several movies […]