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Emilie is a creative powerhouse who applies imaginative ideas to all aspects of her work. She finds inspiration from the exceptional to the ordinary, using social platforms like Instagram to document her view of the world.

As an Account Coordinator at Ketchum’s Toronto’s office, Emilie works in the tech and consumer practices. In this position, she provides assistance to account teams through tactical support activities including securing media opportunities, writing creative materials, nurturing relationships with media, executing media events and providing insightful, strategic ideas to program planning and development.

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Three Important Tips for Starting an Internship

Three Important Tips for Starting an Internship

by Emilie Hayhoe| July 15, 2013

Starting an internship is a bit like working out for the first time. Your mind is determined to succeed but your body is not there yet – or in this case, your body is there but your mind is out of shape.