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Debra launched and continues to lead Ketchum Digital for North America. Debra specializes in the development of break through content that strategically aligns with the consumer interaction, technology, and imagination across the social web.

Short-Form Video: The Next Crop of Storytellers Are Homegrown

by Debra Forman| June 28, 2017

It’s no secret that today’s younger consumer is cut from a different cloth. They don’t want as much TV as their elders – they are focused on Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube. The evolution of media has helped mold a new generation that demands a constant flow of smart, snappy content, and frowns upon advertising and […]

The Future of Multi-sensory Marketing: Tapping into Our Five Senses

by Debra Forman| May 26, 2016

Our senses are what connect us to the world. They are the tools we use to pick up cues, trigger an emotion and make decisions. As a lover of all things unique, I am conscious of the ways I use all of my senses to understand the world around me—and how brands are tapping in […]

What I Learned From 150 CMOs

by Debra Forman| May 17, 2016

The Spring 2016 CMO Club and Inspiration Summit, a two-day gathering of CMOs in New York, was the perfect venue to gain perspective and learn from some of the world’s top marketing leaders. They shared their ideas, concerns, visions and amazing personal stories. But beyond the tremendous shares, there were many intimate and informal mind-melding, […]

Can You Read This Easily? If Not, Here's Some Help for Your Eyes

by Debra Forman| August 18, 2011

This blog post is for anyone who has looked at a computer screen, smartphone or iPad for a bit too long.I was surfing over the weekend and stumbled upon an infographic worth a second glance, as infographics often are. I shared it for the creativity of the content, and, lo and behold, in return, folks […]