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Danielle is a Managing Account Supervisor within Ketchum’s San Francisco office.

Communications Lessons from the Empowered Healthcare Consumer

by Mike Taylor and Danielle Klooth| August 16, 2017

Healthcare spending has comprised a very large and growing portion of the U.S. economy for decades, and healthcare policy is a constant in the national media dialogue. At the same time, even with those two fundamentals remaining largely unchanged, there is a massive shift taking place where consumers, driven by Millennials and GenZ (and GenZennials), […]

Tech + Healthcare: If You Build It, Cyber Threats Will Come

by Danielle Klooth| August 23, 2016

Picture this: Your medical record and financial information was stolen at your local hospital following a simple procedure. Now you’re unexpectedly receiving bills for prescriptions you were never prescribed and procedures you never had. While network hijacks, hacks and data breaches have been the norm for retail and financial institutions, medical records are becoming an […]