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As Creative Strategy Director for Ketchum Pleon France, Christophe is responsible for brand strategies and the management of three lifestyle and international accounts: Renault, Philips and Suntory whisky. He is also a member of the Ketchum global Creative Community and is a creativity trainer for the agency in Paris. This double role enables him to develop brands’ visibility in lifestyle media and elaborate 360-degree strategies for lifestyle brands.

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How Can Creativity Enhance Reputation and Brands?

How Can Creativity Enhance Reputation and Brands?

by Christophe Hermet| December 16, 2011

This post originally appeared in Perspectives, Ketchum’s online magazine. However one defines creativity (original, disruptive, outstanding, aesthetic, humoristic, fun), it can be seen as the phenomenon of something of value emerging into existence – being “new,” so to speak. To be or create something “new” is paramount for a company or brand to stand out […]