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Chris Ditner is the head of marketing at Ketchum. She has spent her career in B2B marketing, building marketing and communications campaigns that deliver business outcomes around complex business concepts and provocative thought leadership. Chris recently rolled out a new global brand identity and design system,  the culmination of an eight-month marketing initiative to align the firm’s positioning with its evolution to a consultancy model.

Chris also provides marketing strategy and senior-level writing support for select clients, telling stories through words and visuals and making the complex comprehensible. Her work has helped earn Ketchum multiple awards that include a PRSA Best of Silver Anvil and SABRE Platinum Best PR Program of the Year.

Quarantini, Covidiot and Infodemic: Why We Invent New Words

by Chris Ditner| May 1, 2020

Although the English language already contains around one million words, that hasn’t stopped a crop of new ones emerging amidst the COVID-19 coronavirus. Some are light-hearted, some a little darker, but most have one thing in common. They’re portmanteaus: quickly decoded mashups of two existing words. Like brunch or labradoodle or advertorial. The power of the portmanteau is that it can take something “other” and make it more familiar and often more quickly associated with positive emotions and memories.   […]

On International Women’s Day, Technology Finds Its Universal ‘On’ Button

by Chris Ditner| March 7, 2013

March 8th is International Women’s Day. It’s a good reminder to stop texting for a minute and think about how incredibly far women have come since this day was first celebrated in 1911. One of the forces empowering this progress is technology. In the 365 days since the last International Women’s Day, technology’s ‘On’ button […]