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Calmetta Coleman is Director of Editorial Services and Corporate Media at Ketchum. A journalist-turned-PR pro, she frequently offers unsolicited advice and timeless tips for writing in today’s communications environment. She hopes someday to take up swimming, tennis, and piano; in the meantime, she is the mom of two grade-schoolers. Connect with Calmetta on Facebook or on Twitter – @Calmetta.

How to Write 10 Common Holiday Greetings

by Calmetta Coleman| December 2, 2011

December is here, and that means one thing — it’s time to send end-of-year holiday greetings. For friends and family, that might be as simple as shooting off a mass text message similar to this one I received on Thanksgiving morning: “Happy Thanksgiving to u all!” But for clients, colleagues, and even connections on LinkedIn […]

HTAR (How to Abbreviate Right)

by Calmetta Coleman| November 11, 2011

Texting language like LOL, OMG and ROTFL is popular for a reason: It offers a faster way to write much longer words. As such “letter words” increasingly become part of our everyday language, it’s worth noting that such writing shortcuts are nothing new. If all of today’s common texting terms disappeared overnight, the English language […]

A Checklist for ‘Executive-Ready' Writing

by Calmetta Coleman| September 14, 2011

A Ketchum account manager recently asked me to provide her account team with some tips on what she called “executive-ready” writing. Her main goal was to ensure that any document the team produced — from PR plans to e-mail messages — was written in a way that could be quickly read and understood by the […]

Five Ways Texting and Tweeting Can Make You a Better Writer

by Calmetta Coleman| June 8, 2011

Texting and tweeting can lead to sloppy writing . . . BUT . . . they can make you a stronger writer, too. In my role as Director of Editorial Services at Ketchum, I’ve noted more than a few times that the casual shorthand many of us use in e-mails, text messages and other forms of digital communication […]