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Bryan deCastro is a Vice President within the Wellness Sector, leading teams and nurturing client relationships across the wellness industry. With more than 18 years of experience, Bryan has established himself as an expert leading integrated brand marketing and public relations campaigns as well as navigating and often disrupting the evolving media landscape. A passionate storyteller, he strategically crafts targeted yet authentic narratives to ensure brand voices are heard and differentiated within the lifestyle and wellness space which captivate consumers, activate audiences and influence behaviors.

Broader Access to Wellness May Be a Rare Bright Spot in the Age of COVID-19

by Bryan deCastro and Ariana Macrina| June 29, 2020

COVID-19 has made us rethink a lot of behavior: mobility, socialization, spending habits—the list goes on. But perhaps one of the biggest shifts is the way we view and act on our health and well-being. From wearing a mask to protect the health of others to boosting our own immune systems at home, each day […]

Nature, Learning, Sex and Tribes: Top Wellness Trends for 2020

by Bryan deCastro| February 12, 2020

Wellness is a booming sector, which consistently bleeds into more mainstream categories every year. But it’s more than just a business: It’s a state of mind, a way of living, an awareness of the emotional, physical, mental and even sexual relationship we have with ourselves and others. I believe it is the act of being and existing in a state of solutions rather than admiring […]

Helping Wellness Shine Through in a Crowded Holiday Marketplace

by Bryan deCastro| December 5, 2019

The holidays are here, which means my excitement for the festivities is on the rise—along with my stress about getting everything done. Why does this happen? It’s supposed to be a season of joy, when endless buffets of holiday fare satisfy our appetites, cheerful gatherings fill up our calendars, and friends and family travel long […]