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Ben Foster is SVP Digital Strategist in Chicago and an adjunct faculty member at DePaul University. He loves surfacing technology news and geek culture on Twitter @benphoster. He has seen 67 Phish shows, caught three foul balls at baseball games, and plays a frost mage named Killosaurus in World of Warcraft.

VR Will Be Bigger Than We Think

by Ben Foster| November 10, 2016

For the past few weeks we’ve invested in demonstrating Virtual Reality to Ketchum’s employees, clients and partners. It’s indescribable. The only way to understand the potential of this technology is through context. We all know VR is going to be huge… and after these past few weeks, I firmly believe it’s going to be even […]

(Video) How Do You Explain Tinder to a 91 Year Old?

by Ben Foster| December 2, 2015

I love Social Media Week, and had a blast last year moderating the Ketchum Digital panel featuring six High School students who explained their social media habits, which gave the audience insights into the trends of tomorrow. So when brainstorming about how to build on that this year, I was most enthusiastic about my colleague Katie Illera’s […]

Top 7 Internet Trends for 2015

by Ben Foster| June 3, 2015

Every year, the tech community eagerly awaits Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends report. It is packed full of rich, yummy data that lets savvy marketers know where the Internet is headed, and how to take advantage of it. She covers global internet usage, start-ups that are disrupting marketing and business communications, technology usage in the next […]

Look Back to the Future

by Ben Foster| March 15, 2015

Over the years, I’ve collected a lot of nice bound notebooks. I have a silly fear of filling them up with “useless” notes so I tend to save them for special occasions. So, the particular book I picked up for this year’s SXSW had my notes from the 2012 conference. In it were my notes […]

What Can Teens Teach Us About The Future of Social? (Video)

by Ben Foster| September 30, 2014

There were numerous Social Media Week Chicago panels with technology experts telling us about the future. For the most part, the panels and panelists offered an interesting point of view. Knowing that perspective was covered, I set out to see what I could learn by asking a younger generation of internet users how technology has […]

Three Insights About Google Glass

by Ben Foster| July 30, 2013

I was recently honored to be selected as a Google Glass Explorer from my entry for #IfIHadGlass. Disclosure: I own Google stock. I plan on using Glass at DePaul where I’m an Adjunct teaching a graduate class in social media to graduate PR and Advertising students. After being notified 5 months earlier, I finally got […]