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Becca Cooper recently returned to Ketchum as SVP and managing director of Ketchum’s Financial & Professional Services. Based in New York, she is responsible for leading Ketchum’s team of Financial & Professional Services consultants across North America to deliver creative integrated communications designed to meet clients’ continually evolving needs.

She most recently served as deputy managing director and head of digital for Cognito, a financial and professional services specialty communications firm. Prior to that, she served as VP and account director for Ketchum’s Digital Strategy specialty, counseling clients across Financial & Professional Services, Health and CPG industries on innovative digital and social communications strategies. Earlier in her career, she led marketing at McMurry/TMG, now Manifest Digital, supporting brands to build their digital marketing and content marketing strategies as VP of publishing marketing services. She graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia with a degree in journalism.

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Addressing COVID Burnout in Financial and Professional Services - Woman experiencing stress at work

Addressing COVID Burnout in Financial and Professional Services

by Becca Cooper| April 29, 2021

As the world passed the milestone of one year in the pandemic, the business community has faced a new employee engagement challenge: pandemic burnout. In the last few months, the financial and professional services industries have reckoned with employee stories of overwork, exhaustion and even abuse. In response, companies are offering incentives like bonuses, trips, […]

How Financial Services Can Better Invest in Women - Photos of Becca Cooper, Reshma Kapadia and Amanda Pullinger

How Financial Services Can Better Invest in Women

by Becca Cooper| March 29, 2021

When Equal Pay Day in the U.S. falls on the final week of Women’s History Month a year into an economic crisis that has affected women disproportionately more than men … well, there might just be a few things to talk about. Especially when it comes to the financial services sector, which historically has lagged […]

Managing Volatility: What’s Ahead for Financial Services

Managing Volatility: What’s Ahead for Financial Services

by Becca Cooper| January 29, 2021

We’re only a month into 2021, but already the year is taking shape for financial services. The stock market is on a retail-investor-fueled rollercoaster, with Redditors taking on short-sellers, creating unprecedented volatility. The pandemic and subsequent lockdown spurred a digital reckoning, forcing brands from large banks to small fintechs to quickly reevaluate how they interact […]