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Influencer Marketing, and the End of Email!

by Ann Wool| January 29, 2019

For around 25 years we’ve become almost completely dependent on email for everything in our daily business lives. It’s been an imperfect system of sending and shifting documents to folders and recording conversations into poorly organized files, never to be seen again. Luckily, apps like WeChat, WhatsApp and Slack have finally started to break through […]

The Unsung Value in the Human Vetting of Influencers

by Ann Wool| June 26, 2018

With the meteoric rise of influencer marketing over the past several years, came a multitude of AI-enabled influencer tools that has led marketers to question the value of human eyeballs when determining a short-list of brand-appropriate influencers.

Influencer Marketing: Optimizing Targeting – Bots and Boosting

by Ann Wool| April 25, 2018

The pendulum on the perfect influencer marketing model is literally in full swing. It’s swinging from over-indexing on great influencer content to over-indexing on analytics as the end solution – back and forth. This compels us to thoughtfully consider and analyze the right balance to achieve the optimum impact model. It’s informed by the RIGHT […]

The Next Decade of Olympic Host Cities: A Path Paved with Gold

by Ann Wool| March 1, 2018

With the Olympic Winter Games officially drawn to a close, there’s scarcely a person in the world who consumes any type of media that doesn’t know the name of the latest Olympic host city of PyeongChang, South Korea. Images of the world’s greatest athletes shredding, jumping, racing, and spinning across the Korean ice and snow […]

Why is the Next Big Hit for Influencer Relations

by Ann Wool| June 5, 2017

Just when you think the world is thoroughly saturated with a social network catering to every conceivable group, along comes roaring onto the scene with a simple format that appeals uniquely to Genzennials. Think the hottest hits in music coupled with a simple method of delivering selfie lip-syncing videos that you can comment on […]

The Influencer Relations Gold Rush: How to Find a Nugget

by Ann Wool| January 25, 2017

The 1848 discovery of gold in a hitherto sparsely populated part of the world called California sparked one of history’s classic gold rushes. Gold fever brought thousands of migrants to the region, saw entire gold mining ecosystems spring up almost overnight and set California on a new trajectory. Fast-forward 168 years and another type of […]