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Being Yourself Is Not Optional

by Andrada Morar| September 20, 2017

Should you have to be serious to be taken seriously? Should you be afraid to speak about your failures? Should you always try to fit in? I believe the answer is “no.” So, how can we break free of our corporate personas and dare to let our personalities shine through a bit more? We’re all […]

Sprinting Through SXSW

by Andrada Morar| March 10, 2014

Since exercise does more for the brain than it does for the body, and running especially brings our mood, attention, motivation and stress levels back into equilibrium, I started my SXSW experience with an Equinox cross run challenge. I’m happy I did, because I got the chance to train with a superstar coach – check out […]

The Kids Clairvoyant Heat Things Up

by Andrada Morar| December 20, 2012

Let’s not just come up with an Out Of The Box idea. Let’s really crawl out of a box. In an effort to reach back pain sufferers in an unconventional manner, ThermaCare launched an educational and sampling program that invited thousands of back pain sufferers to experience the healing power of heat. Ketchum developed an […]

Is pain the new hip?

by Andrada Morar| September 17, 2012

Last week, the popular London screening night The Reel Presents…came to Amsterdam for one night only. The Reel is an online archive of the greatest advertising, short films and music videos, ranging from the biggest-budget campains to the smallest bedroom filmmakers. To quote the organizers: “Think of it as an adland-aimed mixtape for the eyes […]

It’s Up to Us to Make Facebook Better

by Andrada Morar| June 21, 2012

After all of the negative media coverage of Facebook as of late – privacy, IPO, mobile development, etc. – I didn’t know what to expect at the Cannes Lions Facebook session. I know that others might not agree, but I appreciated hearing a nervous (but brilliantly recovered) Paul Adams, Facebook’s Global Head of Brand Design, […]

The Seven Master Ideas

by Andrada Morar| June 20, 2012

One of the most refreshing sessions I’ve attended so far was a workshop led by Patrick Collister, publisher of Directory. It promised to “provide instant inspiration for creatives, a sanity check for anyone who ever has to write a creative brief and even the means by which agencies can work more efficiently and make more […]