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Alicia is an Account Director at Ketchum Pleon London. She is responsible for day-to-day client account management, with a primary focus on communications planning, media relations, developing written collateral, executive profiling, and campaign execution.

Localizing Global PR Campaigns

by Alicia Mistry| October 23, 2012

What’s the secret to coordinating an effective multi-market PR campaign? Alicia Mistry, International Network Specialist at Ketchum Pleon London, gives tips on how to ensure global programs don’t fail at the first hurdle.

The Social Media Payback

by Alicia Mistry| September 20, 2012

As headlines go, this one definitely got me thinking… “The $1.3 Trillion Price Of Not Tweeting At Work” by Ryan Holmes (CEO of social media management tool Hootsuite) raised an interesting debate. Not because it was an article about the endorsement of Twitter use in the workplace (though that did raise an eyebrow), but because […]

Pick Your Battles Wisely – an Arm Wrestle is Sometimes Better than Full-Scale Combat

by Alicia Mistry| May 11, 2012

If the PR world teaches us practitioners one thing, it’s learn to pick your battles. I appreciate, it is often far easier for us to counsel our clients to say something rather than say nothing – being thought-provoking makes people sit up and take notice after all. Being silent on the other hand can provoke […]

Winning the Turf War

by Alicia Mistry| April 11, 2012

As 21st century consumers with more money in our back pockets (though it might feel the reverse), we all like to ‘own’ things. Whether it’s owning our own cars, own houses or own gadgets, ownership has given us a sense of purpose. That is until now. The economic recession has forced a rethink of the […]