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Alexis Darby is a Senior Account Executive with the Corporate & Public Affairs Practice at Ketchum Pleon London. Her areas of expertise include media relations, political analysis and stakeholder engagement. A self-confessed political geek and a marathon runner in training (thinking New York!), Alexis can be reached at @alexis_darby.

The Labour Party’s in Need of a Southern Strategy

by Alexis Darby| March 20, 2013

Last month’s Eastleigh by-election set off a ripple effect that was felt by all the main UK political parties. The Liberal Democrats salvaged a respectable victory given the dreadful battering they received at the hands of the media over the previous fortnight. The Tories had a nightmare campaign, squeezed into third place by the UK […]

2013–Where Could It All Go Wrong for the Main Party Leaders in the UK this Year?

by Alexis Darby| January 24, 2013

Delivered at last… Yesterday the UK Prime Minister delivered his long awaited ‘EU speech’ (the speech it never looked like he was going to make). Much of the content was leaked last weekend and it reminded the British people that when it comes to ‘Europe’ the Conservatives simply cannot agree on policy. Mr Cameron now […]

Party Politics

by Alexis Darby| October 23, 2012

With the hectic party conference season behind us for another year, it seems like a good time for the political nerds among us to reflect on the highs and lows, and winners and losers of the season. There is nothing quite like the excitement of these three weeks. Politicians, lobbyists and political enthusiasts, come together […]