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Divergent Perspectives from Cannes: The Creative and the Planner

by RP Kumar and James Kelly| June 29, 2015

Here’s to the Losers By James Kelly Here’s to those who didn’t win this week. To those whose toil in the service of the sale went unnoticed. For Cannes is about winners and winning, and there is little sparkle for the second best. So as I write this, I wonder what happened to marketing as the art of selling as […]

Divergent Perspectives from Cannes: First Impressions on Diversity

by Torre Gentile and Yasmine Cordes| June 22, 2015

Cannes: A Diversity Snapshot By Torre Gentile My first day of the Cannes Festival of Creativity was overwhelming in every sense of the word! After a hectic trip from Nice to Cannes, I spent a good portion of my afternoon finding calm and soaking up all the vastly diverse work being presented at the Palais. […]

Divergent Perspectives on Cannes: The Newbie and the Veteran

by Gabriel Araujo and Michael Maldonado| June 19, 2015

Cannes Newbie’s #1 Concern: The Fashions By Michael Maldonado Zut alors!! I “Cannes” NOT believe I’ll be heading to Cannes in a matter of days. I’ve known about this trip for months, after winning a contest at Ketchum to earn my trip, I and somehow feel like I’m totally unprepared for how incredible the experience […]

What the 2015 Cannes Sessions Say About Marketing Today

by Rob Flaherty| June 18, 2015

Our analysis of more than 150 of the sessions at next week’s Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity reveals a lot about where marketing is today, and where it’s going tomorrow (click to tweet). The schedule tells us what marketers and agency leaders are excited about, what they’re worried about and what’s new. The sessions, […]

The 800-Pound Chimera

by Jeff Lewonczyk| June 12, 2015

Mythical monsters have always held a place of pride in popular culture – in recent years, vampires, mermaids, dragons, ogres, unicorns and Sasquatch have all had their moment in the spotlight. But one creature that you don’t hear much about is the chimera. Despite its impeccable pedigree – the earliest reference appears in Homer’s Iliad […]

When Nests Empty, Brands Face ‘ReMovement’

by Karen Strauss| June 9, 2015

As Seen in … Adweek. Empty nest. It sounds lonely and a bit sad, but apparently it isn’t either. With June marking the start of empty nesting for millions of Americans, it’s good to know so many are happy. I am, after all, becoming one of them. Remarkably, 29 percent of Americans in their 50s say […]