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17 Tips to Help Overcome Collaboration Overload

by Robert Burnside| April 24, 2012

If you feel overwhelmed with the number of requests for collaboration, you’re not alone. It’s a current phenomenon caused by a number of factors: the economic downturn in which fewer people are doing more, the rise of social media with everyone in touch with everyone all the time, the mobile devices that keep us in […]

“Community” Died For Our Creative Sins

by Marc Levy| April 23, 2012

The NBC sitcom “Community” returned to the air after a brief mid-season hiatus. Let’s be clear – a mid-season break is rarely a good sign. It’s usually a device employed by the networks to avoid airing low-performing shows during the critical (and outdated) sweeps periods (which help determine advertising rates). Many shows put on “indefinite” […]

Heard at the World Economic Forum on Latin America

by Karen Strauss| April 20, 2012

My second day at WEF Latin America proved to be sobering as we dove into the world’s deepest crises. Here’s a wrap up of the day in quotes… “The Euro crisis is very profound and if we don’t strengthen financial institutions we risk further contagion.”  –Martin Senn, CEO, Zurich Insurance Group “Latin America is cause […]