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Pinterest Opens Up Advertising

by Marshall Maher| May 30, 2014

Capping one of the longest marketing stripteases in Silicon Valley history, scrapbooking site Pinterest is now open for business. As with all popular social networks bereft of advertising and actual non-VC generated revenue, the introduction of advertising is complicated. There are a lot of variables to consider, not the least of which is … at […]

What’s Hot in Wearable Technology

by Rafi Mendelsohn| May 28, 2014

Wearable technology – clothing and accessories that incorporate advanced technology – is a hot topic in the tech world at the moment. Calculator watches defined this category in the 1980s. Fast-forward two decades later and this field is being driven by a revolution in computing power that allows technology to become increasingly accessible, usable and, […]

The Future of Leadership Communication is More “Feminine” – KLCM 2014

by Rod Cartwright| May 21, 2014

Every time I go abroad on business, my daughter and I have something of a ritual where she says to me, “Dad, while you’re there, make sure you do something worthwhile.” Obviously that is a pretty good life lesson for all of us; it’s also something that we at Ketchum endeavor to do every spring, […]

Carrying Ketchum’s Creative Torch

by Macaela Mackenzie| May 20, 2014

We didn’t bring home the grand prix, but we came pretty close. I was one of several under-25-year-old Ketchum employees that entered the Young Torch Awards, a pitch contest for young creative talent. Last month we learned we were selected as one of five finalists from hundreds of applicants around the world. Along with my […]

Five Steps Marketers Need to Take to Survive the Facebook Problem

by Danny Whatmough| May 9, 2014

One of the challenges of social media marketing is that you are often at the mercy of third party platforms. If a platform says jump, then you need to jump in order to maintain the effectiveness of your activity. Over the last few years Facebook has ‘tinkered’ with its platform on numerous occasions and this […]

The World Public Relations Forum 2014

by Stephen Waddington| May 9, 2014

Over 1,000 communications industry experts are expected to gather for the eighth World Public Relations Forum (WPRF) in Madrid this September. This international event is being organised by The Global Alliance, a confederation of the world’s major PR and communication management associations and institutions, in collaboration with Dircom, the Spanish association of communication directors.