Looking at the year ahead and the powerful mix of opportunities and obstacles, the real new normal is that there isn’t one. How we as marketers and communications professionals tell our brand stories and showcase values-based leadership is more important than ever.  

During AMA’s Coffee Break series, two leaders at Ketchum and I took time to discuss how brands can show up, stand up and lead from their values, and how we practice what we preach in our own workplace by taking steps toward authenticity and showing up better than yesterday. 

In this session “Showing Up and Standing Up: Why Values-based Leadership Needs to Be Our New Normal”,  Amanda Gadaleta, Myreete Stanforth, and I discussed:  

  • How we can engage with our many stakeholders to inspire action 
  • How brands have been behaving differently as the world has evolved  
  • How we can bring values to everything we do as employees and employers 
  • The difference between transactional and personal relationships with brands and how brands can earn loyalty 

I hope you enjoy what we have shared here. If you are interested in learning more about Ketchum’s approach to values-based leadership and how we can help with your brand’s story, please contact our team. 

Ketchum CEO Mike Doyle leads one of the world’s top communications consultancies, helping companies tell their stories, connect with the people they care about most and use communications to inspire action. Mike has helped clients launch products and services, merge or acquire new companies, navigate issues and crises and determine their purpose in an increasingly competitive, connected and consumer-empowered global society. He is the executive sponsor for Omnicom’s global OPEN Pride employee resource group and serves on the global Board of Directors for GLAAD, the world’s leading organization dedicated to accelerating acceptance for the LGBTQ community. A native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and a graduate of Muhlenberg College, Mike splits his time between New York City, Asbury Park, New Jersey, and on the road, serving Ketchum’s extraordinary colleagues and clients.