What COVID-19 Vaccines Mean for Employees and Customers 

The milestone we’ve waited for throughout 2020 has finally arrived. Vaccines to protect against the COVID-19 virus are winning approval, moving through supply chains, and beginning to be administered. 

As this process unfolds, there will be many factors companies can’t control, like the local availability of vaccine doses. But what they can control may go a long way toward helping employees and customers through the next several months. And toward protecting or enhancing your corporate reputation. 

Ketchum has gathered a group of our own leaders – who work with clients on the front lines of the pandemic — to pool up-to-the-minute thinking about what leaders like you can expect, plan for, do, and say. Employee and stakeholder communications will be at the center of this issue, and Ketchum can help. Reach out to let us know how the issues our team has raised apply to your own challenges. 


Abby Lovett 
Managing Director, Retail
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Chris Handler 
Partner, Managing Director, Public Sector / Government
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Con Franklin 
Managing Director, Health, Ketchum London
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Corinne Gudovic 
Partner, Associate Director Client Development, North America
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Luke Dickinson 
Senior Vice President, Health Services
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Melissa Kinch 
Partner, Managing Director, Technology
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Tamara Norman 
Partner, Managing Director, Corporate Reputation & Employee Communications
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